Wilmar de Visser

Besides his work as first solo double bass player with the Radio Philharmonic Orchestra, Wilmar de Visser plays double bass and bass guitar in the Netherlands Wind Ensemble and countless other orchestras, ensembles and bands, some of which he founded himself.

Far from being pigeonholed, with a very broad musical taste and the world as his stage, he has spent his entire career playing with the most diverse top musicians: from Kenyan singer Ayub Ogada and soprano/conductor Barbara Hannigan to cellist Jordi Savall, in concert halls from Amsterdam (the Netherlands), Vitoria (Brazil), New Delhi (India) to Cotonou (Benin).

As creator and founder of Splendor Amsterdam (Amsterdam Prize for the Arts 2015) and co-founder of the music collective LUDWIG (Grammy 2018), Wilmar is among the absolute frontrunners in terms of successful innovations and initiatives in the international music world.

Wilmar de Visser

double bass
Radio Philharmonic Orchestra

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