Frans Klein, chairman
Frans Klein worked at VARA for over 25 years. During that period, he held numerous positions, varying from staff member of the classical music department to head of planning and production. This was followed by appointments as Deputy Director of Radio & Television (1998), Director of Production & New Media (2000) and finally Director of Broadcasting (2004). In this capacity he stood at the cradle of fusion broadcaster BNN-VARA in early 2014. Since May 2014, Frans has been Director of Television at Dutch Public Broadcasting. Together with the network managers and the broadcasters, he composes the programming for NPO 1, 2 and 3, Zapp, Zappelin and In addition, he is involved in policy development and, on behalf of the TV management, maintains contact with external parties, such as politicians, social organisations and companies.

My goal for the coming years is that we remain relevant and become even more so. That we make programmes that are of undisputed public value and, in the aggregate, reach the entire Dutch audience. Our offer must be of and for everyone. What I like about this job is that you are in a place that determines what is on offer. What I do influences what viewers get to see, and that is very honourable. As far as I am concerned, we at NPO are really privileged to be able to serve the Dutch public with beautiful programmes. And what could be better than making television every day if you are a television addict yourself?

D.F. (Daan) Potjer, ASIP, Treasurer
Daan Potjer studied economics in Rotterdam and London and completed a post-graduate course in investment management in the United Kingdom. He started his career as an investment strategist at ABN AMRO Asset Management and was subsequently Head of the Asset Allocation team, managing over EUR 12.5 billion. Initially in London, later in Amsterdam. Subsequently, Daan was the founder and Managing Director of Aethra Asset Management, a boutique asset manager in Amsterdam and London. After a stint as Managing Director of his father-in-law's bakery business, Simon Meijssen, Daan is now COO of Dynamic Credit, an asset manager and advisor in the field of complex loans.

According to Daan, music is both a source of inspiration and of tranquillity. The mix of repertoire presented by the Netherlands Radio Philharmonic Orchestra is exciting, adventurous, recognisable and also new. It fits in with what happens in his daily work, and yet is also a 180-degree contrast to it. The RFO is an institution that is incredibly important to society and to Daan personally. As treasurer of the board of the Friends of the RFO, Daan hopes to use his expertise to support the Media Orchestra of the Netherlands to continue its good work.

Nanette Bakker, member of the board
Nanette is, as a former member of the Radio Philharmonic Orchestra, not unknown to many of you. She is mainly involved with music education and recently finished the post HBO education 'Musicians for Music Education' at the Conservatory of Amsterdam. As a board member of the Society of Friends, she likes to stay involved with her old job.

Hans Zonderop, Secretary
My name is Hans Zonderop, 1st percussionist in the most versatile orchestra of the Netherlands, the Radio Philharmonic Orchestra! I have been with the orchestra for 26 years now, and I still think it is an honour to be part of this fantastic orchestra. In the RFO, you have to be at home in all markets. Our repertoire covers a wide range of styles and is therefore very diverse. New music and world premieres are regularly programmed, which is a paradise for percussionists. Besides making music, I am active in the orchestra committee and very closely involved in setting up the Friends of the RFO Foundation. The bond and contact with our audience is extremely important, and I see the Friends Foundation as the perfect means to achieve this. I hope to meet you soon (again) at one of the activities we organise especially for the Friends!

Friends team

At the helm of the Friends' Association - in addition to the board - is the Friend's Team. This team consists of an enthusiastic and motivated group of (former) musicians who have taken on the organisation of the association.

Petra Botma
In the Radio Philharmonic Orchestra I have the position of principal horn player. A wonderful and challenging job in an orchestra of a very high standard! It is also an honour to be the leader of a fantastic and highly motivated horn group. I am committed to the Friends' Association because I think it is important that we as musicians have contact with our supporters. I am especially involved in organising the public rehearsals and the Friends' Days.

Paul Jussen
Allow me to introduce myself: my name is Paul Jussen. Yes, now I hear you're wondering if perhaps I'm (the father of)...? Well, that's right! But in the first place I am a timpanist with the Radio Philharmonic Orchestra. In my opinion, the most beautiful job there is. I'm still proud of the fact that I can fulfil this role in one of the best orchestras in the Netherlands (and at times I think it's even the very best orchestra in the Netherlands!) In our Friends' Association, I keep myself busy with the membership administration, among other things. As a timpanist, counting is something you have to master to perfection and I hope I will benefit from this when filing our new members!

Ellen Versney
I have known the Radio Philharmonic Orchestra closely all my life. From its foundation in 1945, my father worked there for 32 years as a solo horn player and my mother played for a long time as a freelance cellist. I remember very well that as a little girl I went along to rehearsals and concerts. I would find a spot in the Amsterdam Concertgebouw right behind the harps and would watch and listen in total mesmerisation as they played their part in that grand organism of sound. I have been fascinated by this instrument and have wanted to become a harpist for as long as I can remember. Now, so many years later, I can play in exactly that spot in that wonderful orchestra. The fact that that dream came true so literally is something I still enjoy every day to the full! My colleagues and I are very keen to share with you our passion for music, and for our unique orchestra in particular. I do that primarily by producing the Newsletter, but I am also involved in the various activities we organise for our Friends. See you soon!

Renate Russu-Van Riel
Communication through intangible sounds and the transfer of energy is the attractive side of my profession as a violinist. I would like to complement the feelings I can share through music with a more personal connection to the audience through our Friends of the RFO Foundation. I would like to bring joy and inspiration through the initiatives of the Foundation. I am very interested in the personal development of people. Music can be of great value in this development on many levels. It is nice to be part of that.

Yvonne Wolters
I am Yvonne Wolters, oboist in the Radio Philharmonic Orchestra. I have been playing in this orchestra for 12.5 years with great pleasure. Before I joined the Radio Philharmonic, I studied music in Maastricht and Hanover. I am married and the mother of two daughters, Jet & Anne. In the summer months I also like to play tennis. I also really enjoy working for the Friends of the RFO Foundation, which gives our audience the chance to follow the orchestra closely and support it.

Henk de Vlieger
Henk de Vlieger is a composer and arranger. As a member of the Historical Society Radio Philharmonic Orchestra he is also engaged in archiving and documenting the glorious past of the orchestra, in which he was a percussionist for 36 years. As an editorial staff member, he will also be responsible for the Newsletter for the Society of Friends.

Esther Doornink
My name is Esther Doornink and I play percussion in our orchestra. When I was studying at the Utrecht Conservatorium, I often went to Vredenburg to listen to the Radio Philharmonic Orchestra. "What a great orchestra", I thought, and I wanted to be part of it. Since 2003 that dream has become reality! As a drummer, you are regularly approached by someone from the audience. You have even more contact with the audience when you stand behind the orchestra's CD stand. I really enjoy this bond with the audience and hope to strengthen it with our Friends team.

Commission of Recommendation

Hans Hillen (former CDA politician)
Thom de Graaf (D'66 politician)
Elisabeth Post (VVD politician)
Pieter Broertjes (Mayor of Hilversum)
Paul Witteman (journalist & TV presenter)
Jaap van Zweden (conductor)
Edo de Waart (Honorary Conductor, Radio Philharmonic Orchestra)


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