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The power of inspired ensemble playing' is the title of the book written by Inge Jongerman on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the Radio Philharmonic Orchestra. A rich variety of subjects are covered in the book. Chief conductors are portrayed, key figures from the NTR Saturday Matinee and the AVROTROS Friday Concert have their say, musicians look back, Bernard Haitink's laudation of the award of the Concertgebouw Prize can be read, other awards and high-profile productions are mentioned, and much more.

The power of interaction - Jubilee book 75 years RFO
The power of interaction - Jubilee book 75 years RFO

Inge Jongerman: 'Capturing seventy-five years of the Radio Philharmonic Orchestra in a limited number of pages is an almost impossible task. Of the countless musicians who have contributed to the successes of the RFO in the past three-quarters of a century, it was unfortunately impossible to mention all the names. The enthusiasm with which so many of those involved have worked on this book has been invaluable. I am thinking of the special conversation with Edo de Waart in New Zealand, the Zoom sessions with orchestra members, the heroes of the Historical Society, the friendly John Adams and all those former orchestra members who shared precious memories. And also to the people I didn't get the chance to speak to, including Reinbert de Leeuw, who I wish I had pulled on his jacket when I saw him walking past in the MCO. I have come to know the RFO as a passionate orchestra that in seventy-five eventful years has managed to make itself indispensable to countless music lovers. An ensemble of talented musicians who have weathered many storms and always managed to draw strength from their inspired playing together.

The power of inspired ensemble playing' is available for € 19,- (including shipping costs) and can be ordered at the Muziekcentrum van de Omroep via this link.



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