Robert Meulendijk

Robert Meulendijk, Arnhem 1965, received his first violin lessons from Arturo Perez-Medina, then concertmaster of the Gelders Orchestra. Even before his final exams at VWO level, he switched from violin to viola and did the preparatory course at the Utrecht Conservatory with Julie Barnes and Nobuko Imai. When Imai stopped in Utrecht, he continued his studies with Prunella Pacey, and obtained the UM diploma in 1991.

During his studies he took chamber music classes with Eli Goren and Viktor Liberman, who also conducted the string orchestra of the Utrecht Conservatory. He participated with his string quartet twice in the Orlando festival in Rolduc (1985 Sigmund Nissel Amadeus Quartet, 1986 Walter Levin LaSalle quartet). During his studies, he was a member of the NJO, including a few productions as leader of the violas.

During his studies in 1989, he successfully auditioned for the Radio Symphony Orchestra, which he joined until 2005. After the dissolution of the Radio Symphony Orchestra in 2005 he has been working with the Radio Philharmonic Orchestra until today. In 2012 he worked one year with the Kraayenhof Tango Ensemble where the Piazzola CD Fuerza was created.


Robert Meulendijk

Radio Philharmonic Orchestra

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