Pierre-Laurent Aimard

Pierre-Laurent Aimard and Ravel


  • Hans Abrahamsen Vers le silence (Dutch premiere)
  • Maurice Ravel Piano concerto for the left hand
  • Florent Schmitt La tragédie de Salomé

This is going to be an enjoyment - of that one hand of Pierre-Laurent Aimard in Ravel's famous piano concerto, and of a new work by Hans Abrahamsen. Do you already know the masterly orchestral sounds of Ravel's contemporary Florent Schmitt?

The beauty of prime numbers

Take the first nine prime numbers and add them up. The result is exactly one hundred. From this fact, plus a number of other mathematical wonders, the Danish composer Hans Abrahamsen distilled the blueprint for Vers le silence, his latest orchestral work.
distilled the blueprint for Vers le silence, his latest orchestral work - it will have its Dutch premiere this season. Vers le silence is the final part of an orchestral triptych, which also includes Abrahamsen's Horn Concerto (programmed last season in the Matinee). For the first part, a piano concerto for the left hand(Left, alone), Abrahamsen audibly harked back in 2015 to Ravel's Piano Concerto for the Left Hand, which is also on the programme. The French master pianist Pierre-Laurent Aimard will be soloing, and the future permanent guest conductor Stéphane Denève will be conducting.

Brilliant ballet music by Florent Schmitt

Ravel, in turn, was a close acquaintance of Florent Schmitt: both were members of the same Parisian artists' club, Les Apaches. With the ballet La tragédie de Salomé, Schmitt composed one of his most successful works. The suite is, if possible, even more brilliantly orchestrated.

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Saturday, 29 October 2022
The Royal Concertgebouw

Large Hall


Radio Philharmonic Orchestra
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Pierre-Laurent Aimard

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