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Pieces of Tomorrow: Bruckers Ninth


  • Anton Bruckner Ninth symphony

Pop and classical join forces and present Pieces of Tomorrow: classical music in a new guise. No dress code, we start a little later, the musicians briefly introduce what they are going to play, your beer is allowed inside, DJ St. Paul is our host, visuals support the story and otherwise we let the music speak, it needs no adaptation.

Bruckner's Ninth
Superstition or not: most composers die after their Ninth Symphony. Unfortunately, this was also true of Bruckner: he didn't even finish his Ninth. The third movement was the last thing he wrote. That became an unearthly beautiful Adagio. A swan song, almost logical that after that the lights went out.

Third time Bruckner
In the eight-year history of Pieces of Tomorrow, this is already the third time Bruckner has been on the program. That's for good reason. If anyone deserves the rubrics epic / symphonic / grand, it is this Forrest Gump among classical composers. With this Ninth, performed by the Radio Philharmonic Orchestra and principal conductor Karina Canellakis, you are guaranteed to transcend all earthly concerns and find yourself on the roof of the world, in evening red.

Saturday, November 5, 2022

Large Hall


Radio Philharmonic Orchestra
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Karina Canellakis, chief conductor RFO
Karina Canellakis
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DJ St. Paul

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