Karina Canellakis conducts Kát'a Kabanová


Leoš Janáček Kát'a Kabanová

Principal conductor Karina Canellakis conducts the second opera in our Janácek cycle: the phenomenal tragic opera Kát'a Kabanová, which is based on a Russian play.

The tragedy of the title heroine

Aus einem Guss' - that is how you could characterise this opera by Janácek, cast in one piece. However diverse the ingredients may seem - Moravian folk music, Tchaikovsky's patheticism, Debussy's mysteriousness - in Kát'a Kabanová everything leads ineluctably to the tragic end of the title heroine in a single musical maelstrom. Trapped in a loveless marriage, terrorised by a mother-in-law and abandoned by her secret lover, Kát'a chooses voluntary death. Janácek wrote this opera when he was 67 years old, but he was inspired by his own unattainable lover, Kamila Stösslová.

Kát'a Kabanováconquered the world

His operas are partly based on the Czech and Moravian speech rhythm, a technique the composer had learnt from Wagner and Moesorgsky as well as Debussy. But despite the dialogue form, the lyrical-dramatic cantabile actually dominates the vocal soundscape. This, in combination with strongly rhythmical passages and surprising time changes, makes him one of the great modernists of the years between the two world wars. With the premiere in 1921 in the Moravian capital Brno, the very slow conquest of the international opera world began. Nowadays it is impossible to imagine the great repertoire without him.

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Saturday, 26 March 2022
The Royal Concertgebouw

Large Hall


Radio Philharmonic Orchestra
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Karina Canellakis
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Netherlands Radio Choir
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Krista Audere
Choir conductor
Andrea Majeski (c) Fay Fox
Amanda Majeski
Soprano, Kát'a Kabanová
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Katarina Dalayman
Katarina Dalayman
Mezzo-Soprano, Marfa Ignatevna Kabanová (Kabanicha)
Edgaras Montvidas (c) Lina Taukacikiene
Edgaras Montvidas
Tenor, Boris Grigorjevic
Clive Bayley
Clive Bayley
Bass, Savel Prokofievic Dikój
Marcel Beekman (c) Sarah Wijzenbeek
Marcel Beekman
Tenor, Tichon Ivanyc Kabanov
Boris Stepanov
Boris Stepanov
Tenor, Vána Kudrjas
Anna Lapkovskaya
Mezzo-Soprano, Varvara
Tim Kuypers
Baritone, Kuligin
Esther Kuiper
Mezzo-Soprano, Glasa
Lotte Verstaen
Alt, Feklusa

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